GCA Member Benefits

It's great to be a member of the Georgia Chiropractic Association, and once you see our full list of member services and benefits, it'll be easy to understand why!

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Get answers to your specific questions as well as enjoy access to steeply discounted programs to make sure you are reimbursed fairly.

  • Access to GCA's Insurance & Medicare Hotline, which is staffed by the coding experts at H.J. Ross Company. 
  • comprehensive guide to getting paid in litigated cases, compiled by GCA General Counsel Aubrey Villines.
  • Low credit card processing rates through Netcom PaySystem (information included in membership packet)


By joining GCA, you'll have access to everything from our private health insurance network to steep discounts on basic office supplies. With GCA, you can keep your practice - and life! - running smoothly while keeping more money in your pocket.


Expand your network and referral base by attending GCA's many events, meeting chiropractors from around the state.

  • Network with chiropractic peers from around the region at our educational events, including our Spring and Fall Conferences.
  • Meet and connect with your legislators at our annual Chiropractic Day at the Capitol.
  • A semi-monthly e-newsletter with exclusive information provided only to GCA members.
  • Fun networking events held throughout the year!

We're the ONLY state chiropractic association with a lobbyist at the Georgia Capitol every day of the legislative session. We are fighting for YOU and YOUR RIGHT to practice chiropractic in our state.

Are you ready to save money and build your practice? Ready to serve and protect your profession for years to come? Ready to be a part of the legacy that is GCA? Sign up online or call us at 770-723-1100 to become a member NOW.