Political Action Committee

Join the GCA-PAC today to protect your patients’ rights to 
receive vitality, wellness and pain relief management!

Support the practice of chiropractic, your chiropractic colleagues and your patients by making a commitment to support the legislative agenda. For as little as 1/2 of one adjustment per week ($20), you will be protecting your right to practice and the future of chiropractic in the state of Georgia. GCA’s longstanding relationships with legislators have resulted in:

  • The expansion of Georgia’s chiropractic practice act
  • The right to refer to other licensed health care professionals and diagnostic services
  • The adoption of the standards of the national accrediting agency, the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE)
  • The ability for Georgians to select a doctor of chiropractic on par with other physicians in automobile and other liability insurance, private and group insurance and workers' compensation insurance

Every chiropractor in this state should contribute a "fair share" to the PAC. The GCA-PAC Board of Directors has set that amount at $1,000 per year. Consider this Fair Share Program as practice insurance. Just like you pay for health, life, car and homeowners insurance, you need to "cover" your ability to practice chiropractic in the state of Georgia. Your livelihood depends on it, and the money you donate helps the GCA achieve its goal to protect everyone’s access and right to chiropractic.

Click here to download the PAC form. Click here to make an online donation.

Thank you to our PAC donors:

Platinum Leader $10,000+

Dr. Harry W. Brown, Sr.

Patron $5,000+

Dr. Harry Brown Jr.

Ambassador $3500+

Dr. Jonathan Jewett
Dr. Dawn Samad

Founders Club $1912+

Dr. Deborah Little
Dr. J. Ryan Moorman
Dr. Sebastian Salomone
Dr. Mary Watkins
Dr. David Webb

President's Club $1,000+

Dr. Khaled Abouhaif
Dr. Jeff Appelbaum
Dr. Sherry Bramlett
Dr. Jared Brown
Dr. Don Capoferri
Dr. Robert DeBease
Dr. Jay DiVagno
Dr. Tim Gross
Dr. Andrew Hartpence
Dr. Gerald Holsonback
Dr. Annisa Jones
Dr. Leana Kart
Dr. Eric Larson
Dr. Mark Lentchner
Dr. Brandon Linker
Dr. Karen Mathiak
Dr. Arthur Matthews
Dr. Christopher McCracken
Dr. Deane Mink
Dr. Fredrick Neal
Dr. James Nelson
Dr. Kenneth Register
Dr. Guy Riekeman
Dr. Nailah Smith
Dr. Noel Steinle
Dr. Michael Vaughn
Dr. Michael Waldrop
Dr. Gregory Wheeler
Dr. David Wren

Advocate: $500+

Dr. Elizabeth Banks
Dr. Alonzo M. Borja
Dr. Winston Carhee
Dr. Philip Day
Dr. John Duke
Dr. Vincent Erario
Dr. Raymond Fowler
Dr. Johnny Garcia
Dr. Ted Greve
Dr. Matthew Hamby
Dr. Todd Hanscom
Dr. Landin Marzolf
Dr. Ben McDowell
Dr. Bernadette Merricks
Dr. James Nessing
Dr. David Noonan
Dr. David Paxton
Dr. Shoanmarie Pope
Proleve Distribution
Dr. Tiffany Ringfield
Dr. Bruce Salzinger
Dr. Karl Schwartz
Dr. Trek Smith
Dr. Ralph Templeton
Dr. Chris Whelan

Primary: $250+

Dr. Raymond Alexander
Dr. Christopher Andreone
Dr. Mark Anthony
Dr. David Avard
Dr. Christopher Baggett
Dr. Natasha Balbas-Warren
Dr. Amir Banishahi
Dr. Kellie Baxter
Dr. Benjamin Behrendt
Dr. Michael Beres
Dr. Melodie Billiot
Dr. Thomas Bombery
Dr. Annette Boone-Hicks
Dr. Harry Broyles
Dr. Ryan Byrnes
Dr. Heather Casey
Dr. John Cherni
Dr. Johanna Cole
Dr. Zeudiann Coleman
Dr. Alphonso Colucci
Dr. Kevin Crowder
Dr. John Crowley
Dr. Marc D'Andrea
Dr. Stacey Davis
Dr. Diane Dicker
Dr. John Dull
Dr. Sten Ekberg
Dr. Marc Ellis
Dr. Kenneth Flint
Dr. Angela Getter
Dr. Larona Gore
Dr. Robert Grace
Dr. Patrick Greco
Dr. W. David Hall
Dr. Darnell Howard
Dr. Chi Hui
Dr. Anthony Imbesi
Dr. Shawn Jones
Dr. Twila Jones
Dr. Charles Kim
Dr. Andrew Kirk
Dr. Charles Krieger
Dr. Philip Lawrence
Dr. Seung Lee
Dr. Kim Lombardy
Dr. Michael Maiorino
Dr. Jennifer McGehee
Dr. Nikki McHenry
Dr. Antonina McKacy
Dr. Rey Medina 
Dr. Misael Melendez
Dr. Sidney O'Gorman
Dr. Hyung Pak
Dr. Mark Patrick
Dr. George Patryk 
Dr. Eric Plasker
Dr. Duncan Regan
Dr. Lisa Richter
Dr. Stacey Roberts
Dr. Juan Rodriquez
Dr. Jamie Schantz
Dr. David Shapiro
Dr. Kimberly Smith-Howard
Ms. Valerie Smith
Dr. Michael Stewart
Dr. Amber Stokes
Dr. Stephanie Sullivan
Dr. Valerie Sylvester
Dr. Tabitha Todd
Dr. Aimee Trust
Dr. Lesli Walker
Dr. Malcom Warren
Dr. Amanda Watson
Dr. Kathryn Webb
Dr. Bart Wetherington
Dr. Shandreika Yearwood