Looking for a way to manage, reduce and even have your student loans completely forgiven? 

Student Loan Tutor hosted an educational webinar about some tips to manage those loans. You can access the recorded video here.  To listen and watch to The Chiropractic Connection's episode with Student Loan Tutor click here.

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"Why are CHIROPRACTORS experiencing the second most greatest pain on their federal student loan debt?

They are the second highest defaulting professional borrower behind attorneys considering that most of them can qualify for $0 monthly payments at a 0% interest rate and have the potential to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt forgiven?

Do you know what that feels like when you look at your bank account and it has $500,000 more in it than you thought it had? Chiropractor and President of the Black Chiropractic Association, Dr. Michaela Edwards, had that exact thing happen to her by working with Student Loan Tutor!"

Student loan programs and policies can be intricate and subject to frequent changes in case you haven’t noticed. Understanding the eligibility criteria, application processes, and potential benefits of different forgiveness plans requires careful attention to detail. With that being said, the Biden Administration has introduced several student loan programs aimed at easing the burden of high debts, many of which are approaching their end dates this year. The “one time account adjustment” is set to end by April 30, 2024. This adjustment benefits over 3.6 million federal direct loan borrowers enrolled in forgiveness programs. It specifically allows borrowers to have all previous payments, regardless of loan or repayment type, count toward forgiveness.
Backdated payments may now include any months deferment prior to 2013 and any months of payments before consolidation of federal student loans. We have seen many of our chiropractor clients get full loan forgiveness and due to the American Rescue Plan Act, the loans that were forgiven are not considered taxable. So it’s like receiving a scholarship after the fact, as founder of Student Loan Tutor “Zack Geist” likes to say. It is super important you see if you qualify for this adjustment.
The 12 month “on-ramp” transition period, which began last fall, will conclude on September 30, 2024. During this period, servicers are not supposed to report missed, late or partial payments as delinquent but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any negative consequences with credit scoring companies. Some may have noticed your loans in forbearance status retroactively for any payments you missed. That said, student loan payments are still due, and interest will continue to accrue for the entirety of the on-ramp period which is why we recommend getting you on the Save plan.
Additionally, the enrollment period for the “Fresh Start Program” will end on September 30, 2024 as well. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed by student loan debt, and it's not uncommon for individuals to struggle to keep up with payments. If you've allowed your loans to fall by the wayside, it's important to take proactive steps to address the situation. The Fresh Start program could be a valuable option for you to consider. It’s designed to help borrowers who have defaulted on their loans by providing a pathway to restore their "in-payment" status, transfer their defaulted loans to a new loan servicer, and have the default removed from their credit scores. It's never too late to take control of your student loan situation, and programs like Fresh Start can provide the support you need to get back on track. These initiatives provide valuable support to borrowers grappling with student loan debt, offering avenues for repayment flexibility and financial stability. Don't miss out on the potential to minimize interest accrual and maximize your loan forgiveness.

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More about Student Loan Tutor:

"Our strategy in a nutshell:

We look at all the options with the Department of Education to reduce the monthly payments as close to $0/month as possible.

Ultimately, rather than refinancing a Federal loan and privatizing it to pay off quickly, we want to leverage the options of Income Driven Repayment plans to reduce monthly payments and have the remaining balance at the end forgiven in the form of income, where they would pay about 37 cents on the dollar in most cases and free up the cash flow to invest in themselves.

Our consultation process:

The initial call is a free evaluation to see what their current situation is and to gather the information necessary to set up an hour consultation and run through the specifics with them.

Our Tutors (consultants that go over the long term strategy options in detail and determine the best course). The strategy report is then shared with their financial professional. 

Our first year fee of $1,500 through the end of Dec which we can break up into however many payments you prefer. Our annual fee thereafter is $600 (or $400 for the year if they have referred us to someone that also becomes a client).

We charge a $150 Deposit to hold the hour and a half zoom meeting with the Tutor initially (this fee is credited toward the 1st year fee)

We handle all the paperwork, strategy and filing on the borrower's behalf every year until the forgiveness occurs typically 20-25 years down the road.

Our organization has solved the student loan aspect of financial planning. We have helped free up over 3 million dollars per month in cash flow for thousands of high balance student loan borrowers. Which equates to tens of million dollars more that our financial partners have redirected towards savings and investments for their clients.

Our clients are highly educated professionals that carry high student loan balances and have high income generating potential. These are doctors, lawyers and other self-employed professionals. As you know, these are people that require large insurance policies and tend to reach tenure with millions of dollars under management. Instead of waiting for them to pay down their student loans, send them to us for a professional solution that improves their financial situation.

We charge our financial partners nothing to use our services. We charge the clients a flat fee for service, which is immediately and directly offset by the money we save them. We then share our strategy report with their financial professional so they can act on the necessary savings recommendations.

We DO NOT refinance our clients' student loans. We accomplish our results through a process of consulting, financial strategy and document preparation with the federal student loan servicer’s directly. Rarely does a refinance benefit a high balance borrower.

We’ve become the largest, most reputable and longest running full service student loan solution that exists. Established in 2014 and actively serving thousands of clients each year. We’ve maintained a nearly flawless reputation on Trustpilot and as an accredited A+ BBB business.

Now is the time to act. Student loans payments have resumed and interest has been accruing since September 1st, 2023.  We want to make sure to get ahead of this for your clients and potential clients who currently have student loans and ensure that they are in the best option for Income Driven Repayment plans, sooner rather than later to maximize all the benefits and subsidies available."

If you have further questions, please reach out to Dani Lynch, Director of Business Development.