GCA's Strategic Plan

2018-2019 Strategic Plan Objectives




Goal: All licensed Georgia doctors of chiropractic are members of the Georgia Chiropractic Association.



  • Support new doctors by creating a stewardship program and programming.
  • Identify members across the state to build membership through social gatherings and/or local education events.




Goal: The Georgia Chiropractic Association is the leader in continuing education and public relations for the chiropractic profession.



  • Offer more business building/practice growth/cash practice seminars
  • Educate the public about how chiropractic can help with the opioid crisis and posture and distribute opioid handouts to members to share with MDs
  • Develop podcast for chiropractors


Goal: The Georgia Chiropractic Association is the primary governmental and insurance advocate on behalf of Georgia chiropractors and their patients.



  • Pass co-pay legislation and lien law
  • Vendors will support GCA-PAC
  • Identify potential districts and groom DCs for political office in those districts
  • Chiropractic Day at the Capitol will have 200 attendees




Goal: The Georgia Chiropractic Association uses resources efficiently through careful planning and maximizing the organization, culture and structure to achieve excellence.


  • Host an annual meeting with representatives of Life University, Board of Chiropractic Examiners and GCC to promote commonality
  • Review/update bylaws and Policies & Procedures to include regular reporting of annual objectives and training topics at each board meeting by October 2018