GCA Awarded 2023 Chiropractic Association of the Year 

The Georgia Chiropractic Association was awarded the prestigious 2023 Chiropractic State Association of the Year by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA). This recognition is a testament to the GCA's commitment to advancing chiropractic, advocating for legislative reform and fostering an uplifting community for chiropractors across the state.

One of the achievements that contributed to the GCA's success was its instrumental role in passing legislation to include chiropractors in the lien law. This landmark legislation empowers chiropractors to provide essential healthcare services while ensuring fair compensation for their expertise. By advocating for the inclusion of chiropractors in the lien law, the GCA has bolstered the profession's standing within the healthcare community and expanded access to chiropractic care for patients in need.

Additionally, the GCA spearheaded an effective grassroots campaign that mobilized chiropractors and supporters across Georgia to advocate for legislative changes that benefit the profession. Through grassroots efforts, the GCA amplified the voices of chiropractors and showed the collective strength of the chiropractic community in shaping policy.

In line with its mission to combat the opioid crisis and promote non-pharmacological pain management options, the GCA promoted the Relief Without Addiction Campaign. This initiative advocates for chiropractic as a first-choice approach for chronic pain, emphasizing the importance of chiropractic as the first choice for chronic pain management. By championing chiropractic as a safe and effective lifestyle for opioids, the GCA is driving positive change in healthcare practices and promoting the well-being of patients.

Moreover, the GCA has shown its commitment to professional development by providing 24/7 online continuing education (C.E.) courses for Georgia chiropractors. These accessible and comprehensive C.E. courses enable chiropractors to stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field and enhance their clinical skills to better serve their patients better.

Additionally, the GCA has created unique and active networking opportunities for its members, fostering connections and collaboration within the chiropractic community. Through events, conferences and professional gatherings, the GCA cultivates a supportive environment where chiropractors can share knowledge, exchange ideas and build meaningful relationships.

The Georgia Chiropractic Association's recognition as the 2023 Chiropractic State Association of the Year is a testament to its remarkable achievements and steadfast dedication to advancing the chiropractic profession. From legislative advocacy to community outreach and professional development, the GCA continues to lead by example and inspire positive change within the chiropractic community and beyond.

By becoming part of the GCA, you too can make a change and influence the profession, leaving behind a legacy and carving a path for future chiropractors to come. Join us and make history!