Regular movement is super important for overall good health! If you are brand-new to fitness, be sure to speak to your chiropractor about developing an exercise program that's right for you. Some things that most of us can do include:

  • Walk 30 minutes 5-6 times a week. Walking is a fun (and free!) exercise that helps get your heart rate pumping while being low impact. Try a nearby park, or simply walk around your neighborhood after dinner every night. This is also a great activity to do with a friend or your family. 
  • Get online. There are plenty of short, effective exercise videos on sites like YouTube that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • Try a class. Many gyms will let you drop in on a class for a small fee if you don't have a membership. You can also search online for groups like MeetUp.com, or check your local parks and rec department for various group fitness classes.
  • Drop and do 20. Sometimes, the most effective exercise is what you can do right where you are! Cooking dinner? Do a few squats while waiting for the pasta to cook. Watching TV? Do some push-ups during a commercial break. Waiting for your shower to warm up? Do some lunges. Every little bit counts.
  • Get active in life. It's easy to sneak in some extra movement throughout your day. Park a little further from the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Instead of emailing your coworker, get up and go chat with them.