Additional Funds Available Through CARES Act Provider Relief Act
APPLY TODAY for Your Possible Share of Additional $20 Billion in Funding!

Contrary to previous guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Medicare providers who received a payment from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund ARE ELIGIBLE to receive additional funds allocated in the legislation signed into law by President Trump last week.

Congress has appropriated $100 billion to reimburse providers for lost revenues and increased expenses due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first of these funds - $30 billion – were distributed by HHS beginning April 10, 2020, in proportion to providers' Medicare Fee for Service payments in 2019. Payments were sent directly to providers by automatic deposit or by paper check, and recipients did not have to fill out an application or engage in any other activity in order to receive the funds (aside from signing an attestation if they decided to keep the funds after reading the Terms and Conditions). Additionally, some providers were sent a second payment based on their Medicare Cost Reports.

New Funding Available
Medicare providers who have already received a payment from the Provider Relief Fund are now eligible to APPLY for additional funds by submitting data about their annual revenues and estimated COVID-related losses via the Provider Relief Fund Application Portal.

First, click here to ATTEST you received the initial payment.

Then, click here to APPLY for additional payments.

If you have not received any payment from the Provider Relief Fund as of 5:00 pm EST Friday, April 24, 2020, you are not eligible for these funds and should NOT use the General Distribution Portal. HHS notes that providers who have not yet received any payments from the Provider Relief Fund may still receive funds in other distributions, but the process for this has not been outlined as of this writing.

Further Information

  • A detailed description of the entire Provider Relief Fund program can be found here.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions document from HHS on the General Distribution Portal can be found here. It answers such questions as:
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    • What information do I need to have before I start the application process?
    • Will I be penalized if I take several days to collect the necessary information?
    • I received payment and have already attested, am I eligible to request more funds?
    • How long does it take for HHS to make a decision on additional funding?
    • Is this a loan or a grant?