Voting Guide - 2021

President Elect                                                   

Name: Ben McDowell

Practice Name: McDowell Chiropractic, Roswell

Year graduated: 2013

Years in Practice: 8

Member since: 2017

Prior GCA Leadership Roles: Board of Directors 2018-present

Prior GCA awards, honors or recognition: Dr. Hazel Cotney Volunteer of the Year Award, 2020

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/involvement in community: Former President BNI Success Alliance Chapter

Other awards, honors, recognitions: Eagle Scout

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors: United, we are strong.  Divided, we become weaker.  Let us stop the divisive infighting.  Let us encourage team work for a higher purpose, to get all Georgians in our communities under regular chiropractic care, to elevate chiropractors to the next level of healthcare leadership.

What issues would you like GCA to address: 80% of GA Chiropractors will be GCA members.



Name: Leana Kart, D.C.

Practice Name: Northwest
Chiropractic, Atlanta

Year graduated: 1987

Years in Practice: 34 years

GCA member since: 2010

Prior GCA leadership roles:

  • Past President
  • Secretary
  • Board of Directors
  • Convention Committee Chair
  • Membership Committee Chair

Prior GCA awards, honors or recognitions:

  • Chiropractor of the Year
  • Deane Mink Membership Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Other chiropractic leadership or service:

  • GCA-PAC Chair
  • Trustee of Life University
  • William M. Harris Family Foundation Chair

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/Involvement in community organizations:

  • President of Home Owners Association
  • Atlanta Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Other awards and recognitions:

  • Hispanic Business of the Year, Atlanta Hispanic Chamber
  • Life University Lasting Purpose Award

Why do you want to serve: I would like to continue to serve the GCA Board and all our members to continue to grow membership so that we can have more influence in the state during political session and with the citizens knowing and choosing chiropractic first.

What issues do you want GCA to address: Growth of general membership and PAC membership.


Name: Johnny Garcia, DC

Practice Name: Injury 2 Wellness Centers, PC, Decatur, Clarkston, Jonesboro & Lithia Springs

Year graduated: 2001

Years in Practice: 19

Member since: 2002

Prior GCA Leadership Roles: Member of the GCA Membership Committee; Chair of CA Program Committee

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/involvement in community: Board of Director for The Globe Academy (2019), Board of Director for Alpha Omega HIV/AIDS Foundation and Health Initiatives International, Inc. (2012-14)

Other awards, honors, recognitions: Recently referred to as "Chiropractic Champion" gracing the cover of the GCA's The Georgia Chiropractor (Summer 2021)

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors: The opportunity to serve not only our members and profession, but also the people and families of our communities, by helping to shape the course of Chiropractic's influence in health, wellness, and the prevention of the most common of aliments right here in Georgia is my greatest motivation. I will bring my diversely unique perspectives and problem solving skills to the table while building bridges between the divided within our profession for the good of all and Chiropractic.

What issues would you like GCA to address: The current health crisis has swept the very life force of vitality under the rug. How does the GCA navigate its members through? Carefully tip-toeing hoping to not be noticed? Leading a wellness revitalization? Or will the GCA emerge a forever changed organization moving further and further away from its core and philosophical strengths? This is the challenge facing all of Chiropractic during this pandemic decade!


Name: Philip Day, D.C.

Practice Name: Day Chiropractic, Savannah

Year graduated: 1986

Years in Practice: 35 years

GCA member since: 1998

Prior GCA leadership roles:

  • President
  • Past President
  • First and Second Vice  President
  • Director
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Co-Chair, Membership Committee

GCA Awards or Recognitions: Chiropractor of the Year; Dr. Deane Mink Membership Award, 2018, 2019

Other chiropractic leadership:

  • Former District Three Director of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
  • Examiner for NCLB

Other chiropractic awards:

Best of the Best  chiropractor in Savannah (2020, 2021), To Love Award from Life University

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/Involvement in community organizations:

  • Naismith Foundation Health & Wellness Advisor

Why do you want to serve: Increase membership and PAC membership and educate public and legislative bodies to pass bills to help chiropractic as a whole and its patients.

What issues do you want GCA to address: Increase membership and retention.


Name: Dr. Deborah Little

Position: Director - Two-Year Term

Practice Name: Back To Genesis Chiropractic, Marietta

Year graduated: 2005

Years in Practice: 15

Member since: 2015

Prior GCA Leadership Roles: Director, Diversity Task Force Chair, Podcast host, Membership Committee

Prior GCA awards, honors or recognition: 2020 President’s Award

Other chiropractic involvement: Life Force Tribe Member, Life University President’s Circle member

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/involvement in community: Cobb County initiative organization member

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors: I feel that it’s my obligation to serve in the continuance of the protection of chiropractic rights and privileges. There were many people before me that carried the torch of that "eternal flame" that chiropractic has brought to this civilization. We as a profession need to strive to continue to teach chiropractic, preach chiropractic and perform chiropractic without hindrance and discrimination.

What issues would you like GCA to address: Change how chiropractors are treated via insurance companies (making it illegal to compensate us differently than other providers).

I would also like to see more transparency between attorneys, adjusters and chiropractors when it come to fair negotiations, proof of settlement offer, and payouts.

I would like to see more creative ways to increase membership & active membership to the GCA and PAC.


Name: Lesli Walker, D.C.

Practice Name: Lithia Springs Family Chiropractic,Inc.,

Lithia Springs

Year graduated: 1994

Years in Practice: 25 years

GCA member since: 2015

Prior GCA leadership roles:

  • Board of Directors 2019-Present
  • Membership Committee member
  • Hosted a Sips & Chips in my district
  • Ethics Committee chair

Contributor to PAC: Yes

Leadership/Involvement in community organizations:

  • Douglas County Connection Committee Member, a satellite group of the Douglas County Cultural Arts Council

Why do you want to serve: I thought I would be effective in filling the position.  It would allow me to continue to serve GCA while learning the job responsibilities of all.

What issues do you want GCA to address: Unification of the profession as one.  We are all chiropractors and we need to pool our resources to support the changes we would like to see happen. We are stronger together.